I create brand-driven storytelling.


I was born in Switzerland in 1992. I grew up as a photographer since my early teenage years, while discovering the endless possibilities of light composition and advanced photo-editing. I was published by Coldplay on their website at 16 years old.

I graduated in Fashion Management in Italy and International Marketing & Brand Management in Sweden. My research projects have been uncovering the strategies of luxury brand management, through the lens of brand authenticity and heritage.

During my career I worked in fashion, tech, events and aesthetic medicine at companies like TOD’S, Amazon, TuliPark and BiosMed.

I also created companies such as Interstudiomed and won entrepreneurship awards in the Netherlands.

Since fall 2020 I became a freelancer, helping other entrepreneurs to be relevant, unique and visible. My goal is to unlock authenticity and establish a community around brands.


I view my work as an expansion of possibilities, which is why I create multi-functional strategies.

My multidisciplinary approach will help you make your brand impossible to resist

Brand Identity

Every successful project starts with a brand. I will work in order to activate the key elements of your brand, psychologically and visually. I will help you define a unique brand identity matrix.


Visual storytelling is a fundamental part of your communication. When it comes to photography, I will provide you with the experience and the right tools to achieve unique and irresistible photos.


Videos are the most essential part of your reputation. Achieving professional and authentic results is a very hard challenge, which I am always ready to take.

Digital Marketing

Want to boost sales? I will help you reach new audiences, not only through conventional social media, but also on new emerging platforms, specifically tailored to your niches.

Business Development

In this phase, we will be working together on defining new strategies, both online and offline. We will discuss business plans, partners, channels and product ideas. Nothing is impossible.

IT Management

I will help you with digitalization and process-automation, in order to make you more productive than ever. Moreover, I can also help you develop your website and online presence


I use light in unconventional ways, in oder to express motion

Here below a small selection of my portrait photography

My idea of perfection is defined by 3 core principles



Less is more. I believe that every good result, should be free from any kind of uselessness . All my works reflect the idea of light, purity and clean. My goal is to always make it simple but significant“.



Time is the biggest mystery of all. I want my works to be timeless and alive at the same time. Moreover, every good work must always freeze time and catch the attention it deserves.



The biggest goal is to always be authentic. It means to be believable, to be unique, to be relevant, to be meaningful. We are humans and everything we do must be human. Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.

Let’s make it possible

I want to talk with you about your vision and your ideas. I know we can achieve great results